Personal Financial Experience

Rebuilding trust while improving the customer experience

Financial institutions across Australia face the enormous task of rebuilding trust and confidence in the financial system post the Hayne Royal Commission.  

Improving customer experience offers a tangible way for institutions to begin to address the loss of trust. The arrival of Open Banking in Australia gives financial institutions an unprecedented opportunity to build superior customer engagement.  

By providing vastly enhanced online service experiences that assist customers in gaining insights, achieving financial goals and improving their financial well-being, institutions can demonstrate they are listening and taking a more customer-centered approach to business. 

Moneytree’s Personal Financial Experience (PFX) platform, enabled for Open Banking, can help your business better engage with customers.  

Moneytree’s PFX platform for financial institutions includes:

Personal_Financial_Experience-Automatic_categorisationAutomatic Categorisation Advanced AI capabilities sort all customer transactions, providing valuable insights into spending patterns.

Personal_Financial_Experience-App_embellishmentApp Embellishment Provide your customers with in-depth financial information regarding transactions, balances, account details and more.

Personal_Financial_Experience-Literacy_toolsLiteracy Tools Help empower customers to make better financial decisions.  

Personal_Financial_Experience-Tech-savvy_solutionsTech-savvy Solutions Enable customers to digitally manage all their finances in one place.


Moneytree’s PFX platform can help your business capitalise on the arrival of Open Banking, fast-track the move to an engaging self-serve online capability, and build greater customer trust – all without expending substantial cost and significant time on developing these capabilities in house. 

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