About Moneytree

About Moneytree


Mark Makdad, Chief of Platform;  Paul Chapman, Chief Executive; Ross Sharrott, CTO &  Executive Director, Australia


OUR MISSION is to bring people, business and financial institutions closer together, help them find balance and discover new opportunities.

Moneytree is a fintech company founded in Japan in 2012 and launched in Australia in 2017.  Its vision is to bring consumers and financial services organisations closer together.

Moneytree provides a financial data aggregation and portability platform for financial institutions called Moneytree Link.  Moneytree Link has more than 50 enterprise partners in Japan including the Japanese megabanks and seven top-rated regional banks, as well as ten leading accounting service providers.  In Australia, Roll-it Super is Moneytree Link’s first enterprise partner, with more to follow.

Moneytree is also helping Australian financial institutions prepare for the introduction of Open Banking with its strategic enterprise-wide Open Banking solution.

Moneytree’s free app, available in Japan and Australia, enables individuals to have a full view of their financial position, contributing to better management of their personal finances, and helping to maintain financial wellbeing.


ABN: 97 611 531 107
Address: Levels 4 & 5
Wynyard Green, 11 York Street
Sydney NSW
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