The next-generation financial infrastructure platform that will power the expansion of your business.


Easy to Deploy

Moneytree Link dramatically expands the possibilities of financial industry services, providing state-of- the-art account aggregation technology coupled with cloud technologies to seamlessly bridge multiple systems.

Rolling out new financial tools and services can be a challenge for business existing systems often don’t communicate with each other, and adding new components takes substantial time and significant investment.

Moneytree Link works with existing infrastructure and easily connects with new systems. Integrating core systems through Moneytree Link takes a fraction of the time of traditional solutions, and can be delivered at extremely competitive prices.

Once installed, the ability to collect, categorise, collate and store data in the cloud provides businesses with increased consumer insights and optimal cost structures. Moneytree Link enables your financial services company to offer new services free of previous limitations, establishing a platform for digital banking.

Moneytree can transform your business!



APIs & Tools Match Your Business Needs, Scale, & Budget

Moneytree Link can be customised to specific business needs, scale, and budget.

APIs can be developed for new business projects as well as for existing services. SDKs are also available to offer plug-and-play components for service augmentation.

Additional tools like analytics and notification services can be added to further extend the value you get from Moneytree Link.

Whatever the service, Moneytree will help you deepen engagement and improve conversion ratios.

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Committed to World Class Security, Privacy, and Transparency

Numerous Japanese financial institutions have already chosen Moneytree Link as their API provider. While cost and speed to market are always key selection criteria, data security and privacy are usually the top priorities.

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Moneytree Link is an Opt-In Financial Data Portability Platform

Access to Moneytree’s data platform is based on the individual user's explicit agreement. Moneytree Link is not a data marketing business:

• No in-app advertising
• No crawling of user data for sending offers or other ads
• No selling of so-called metadata

Moneytree was also Japan's first finance industry player to obtain TRUSTe privacy certification, and the first and only to secure TRUSTe certification for all apps and web interfaces.

Moneytree Link runs on FISC and PCI DSS compliant infrastructure, matching the finance industry's highest standards of security.

Moneytree is building a security and privacy model aligned with the requirements laid out in the European Union’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) standards for data portability rights.


Defragment Bookkeeping

Until recently, the only way to import detailed transaction information into an accounting system was uploading a CSV or Excel file. Moneytree Link leverages cloud and API technologies, creating the potential to completely automates these tasks.

Even if your accounting system does not use cloud services, Moneytree Link enables you to automatically import transaction statements from bank accounts (individual and corporate), credit cards, digital money, securities accounts, and more.

Moneytree Link also uses highly accurate artificial intelligence (AI) to help enable automated journaling of transaction history.

Moneytree even provides a powerfully simple front-end mobile expense tool to help employees spend less time doing expenses and more time selling.

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Moneytree Arrives in Australia

In June 2017 Moneytree launched in Australia. Moneytree Link supplies customer-approved aggregated data to financial institutions, including large banks, regional banks, superannuation funds, and accounting firms, among others.

In a recently released white paper, Moneytree CEO Paul Chapman asserts that data sharing initiatives in Australia will fail unless consumers trust how their data is being used.

People make the mistake of thinking this is about technology when it is actually about a revolution in trust, said Chapman, author of the white paper. There is no doubt the potential benefits to consumers of more accessible financial data are tremendous and will be transformational. However, most people don't understand how their data is being used now, and an open banking regime could create greater confusion. It is important that Australia implements an open banking regime in a way that promotes and safeguards consumer trust and allows people to feel in control, Mr. Chapman said.

Drawing on experience from Japan, where Moneytree has successfully founded a permission-based data sharing platform, Moneytree LINK, Mr. Chapman said people will share their financial data – as long as it is on their own terms and is secure. When we started Moneytree, we decided to be absolutely transparent and radically upfront with people. This approach has earned us the trust of millions of users, and has given some of Japan's biggest financial institutions the confidence to partner with us, he said.

Moneytree has outlined standards of privacy and transparency it believes would be beneficial for Australia, to generate broad and ongoing support from the community.

Read the full paper here.


Driving Japan’s Financial Infrastructure

Moneytree has over 20 corporates on the Link platform in Japan, including two of the the country’s three “megabanks,” several regional banks, and accounting solution providers.

Moneytree Link’s first customers in Japan were TKC Corporation and Yayoi, the respective leading players in enterprise finance and small business tax solutions. In all, ten accounting industry software companies use Moneytree Link, making it the uncontested number one in the industry, and the de facto standard for streamlining accounting operations.

In April 2016, Moneytree partnered with Mizuho Bank to embed Moneytree’s Link feed inside their Mizuho Direct app, allowing app users to view data from other banks and credit cards along side of their Mizuho account information.

This service, called the “Lifetime Financial Record,” was the first time in Japan that a megabank entered into a technical collaboration with a fintech company, signalling an industry-wide change and paving the way for new possibilities.

SMBC Bank, Yokohama Bank, Senshu Ikeda Bank, and Joyo Bank have all gone on to adopt the “Lifetime Financial Record” functionality in their apps as well, making it the most widely accepted third-party API in Japanese banking today.